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Once a month NYC based free comedy variety show.
Variety Underground Dec 19th


Jarret Berenstein - stand up comedy

Jonathan Zeller - stand up comedy

Matt Vita - stand up comedy

Sarah Puls - stand up and so much more

Board of Directors - Short form improvisational comedy featuring Brett Savaglio, Caitlyn Drown, Julian Norton, Claudia Toth, Jonathan Fuchs, and Kayleigh Reichman

Robopop - hiphop improv featuring Annemarie Cullen, Louie Pearlman, Dana Moore, Melanie Rubin, Billy Soco, Amelita Lijek and Jacob Halberg (the beat boxer)

Microdose - longform improv comedy featuring Jacquie Cosgrove, Kelly Jacques, Kelly Webb, Connor Johnston, Coco Conroy, and David Perez

Matt Koff - stand up comedy

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@the Parkside Lounge
317 E. Houston St.
F/V to 2nd Avenue
Free admission - 2 drink minimum